How to Compress PDF File in Higher Education?

How to Compress PDF File in Higher Education?

You may need to know the basics of pdf files if you are using pdf files on a daily basis. You need to reduce pdf size or compress pdf, you can use, Adobe Acrobat Pro or Preview for Mac. Learn how to do this or shrink pdf files by using an online pdf shrinker for free.

Perhaps the easiest way to shrink pdf files is by using online pdf shrinker – the platform that makes it easy to edit, convert and shrink pdf files easily. is an easy way to compress, edit, convert and shrink pdf files, solving all your problems all at one place.

You can also install the extension in your google’s chrome browser. You can follow the below steps to shrink pdf files using this pdf shrinker.

  • Select the pdf file you need to reduce pdf size.
  • Click on the pdf file and hold the pdf document.
  • Pull the pdf file to the drag pdf here icon on the screen and the file will be uploaded and start compression.
  • Scroll down now and click on the download file button in the left corner of the screen.
  • Save the pdf file by selecting the location where you want to save the document.
  • Press the Save button and the reduced pdf file will be saved in the specified location.

Preview on Mac

In Preview on Mac you can save storage space by creating a compressed version of the file. You can easily shrink pdf files through this online pdf shrinker by following certain steps;

  • Open the pdf file in the Preview in Mac app.
  • Double tap on the blue icon of Preview that shows up like overlapping snapshots.
  • Open the file in the Menu bar by pressing it in the Dropdown menu, select the file in the dialog box and tap open.
  • Preview is a built in app in most Mac OS versions.
  • Click at the top of the screen in the Menu bar.
  • A dialog box will open by clicking on the Export As in the middle of the drop down menu.
  • In the drop down menu click on the “Format”.
  • At the top of the menu, click on PDF.
  • In the drop down menu press the “quartz filter” menu.
  • Press the “Reduce File Size” 
  • Save the pdf file from pdf shrink by selecting the location.
  • Press on the “Save” button, now the pdf is saved as a smaller pdf file in the specified location.

Adobe Acrobat Pro

If you want to email a Portable Document Format file to a colleague, just save space on the hard drive or post it to your website. Compressing a pdf document in Adobe Acrobat Pro pdf shrinker offers you great efficiency when it comes to file sharing. You can upload a file to reduce pdf size in Adobe Acrobat Pro pdf shrinker and compress pdf file to your desired size.

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