NCERT Books for Class-12 English

NCERT Books for Class 12 English | 2023-24

Class 12 English has 3 textbooks, ‘Flamingo‘, ‘Kaleidoscope‘ and ‘Vistas‘. These are designed specially by experts to give students a clear understanding of the topic. Students must read the chapters thoroughly and solve the exercise questions to get command over the subject. These textbooks are easy to read and understand.

Students can download NCERT Textbook for Class 12 English by clicking the below-given links.

Download the PDF of the English Book Flamingo For Class 12



Chapter-1 The Last Lesson

Chapter-2 Lost Spring

Chapter-3 Deep Water

Chapter-4 The Rattrap

Chapter-5 Indigo

Chapter-6 Poets and Pancakes

Chapter-7 The Interview

Chapter-8 Going Places


Chapter-1 My Mother at Sixty-six

Chapter-2 Keeping Quiet

Chapter-3 A Thing of Beauty

Chapter-4 A Roadside Stand

Chapter-5 Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers

Download the Complete Book of Class 12 English Flamingo

Download the PDF of the English Book Kaleidoscope For Class 12


Short Stories

Chapter-1 I Sell My Dream

Chapter-2 Eveltne

Chapter-3 A Wedding in Brownsville

Chapter-4 Tomorrow

Chapter-5 One Centimetre


Chapter-1 A Lecture Upon the Shadow

Chapter-2 Poems by Milton

Chapter-3 Poems by Blake

Chapter-4 Kubla Khan

Chapter-5 Trees

Chapter-6 The Wild Swans of Coole

Chapter-7 Time and Time Again

Chapter-8 Blood


Chapter-1 Freedom

Chapter-2 The Mark on the Wall

Chapter-3 Film-making

Chapter-4 Why the Novel Matters

Chapter-5 The Argumentative Indian

Chapter-6 On Science Fiction


Chapter-1 Chandalika

Chapter-2 Broken Images

Download the Complete Book of Class 12 English Kaleidoscope

Download the PDF of English Book Vistas For Class 12


Chapter-1 The Third Level

Chapter-2 The Tiger King

Chapter-3 Journey to the end of the Earth

Chapter-4 The Enemy

Chapter-5 On the Face of It

Chapter-6 Memories of Childhood

Download the Complete Book of Class 12 English Vistas

To Download NCERT Books for Class-12, please click on the link given below.

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