NCERT Books for Class-4 EVS

NCERT Books for Class-4 EVS

Environmental Studies (EVS) exposes students to the real situations in their surroundings to help them connect, be aware of and appreciate the environmental issues. The name of the NCERT Books for Class-4 EVS is Looking Around in English and Aas Paas in Hindi, it consists of a total number of 27 chapters that are designed as per the CBSE syllabus.

Knowledge Gallery provided the PDF of NCERT Books for Class-4 EVS. You can download PDF of both the books from below given links:

Download PDF of EVS Book in English For Class 4


Chapter-1 Going to School

Chapter-2 Ear to Ear

Chapter-3 A Day with Nandu

Chapter-4 The Story of Amrita

Chapter-5 Anita and The Honeybees

Chapter-6 Omana’s Journey

Chapter-7 From the Window

Chapter-8 Reaching Grandmother’s House

Chapter-9 Changing Families

Chapter-10 Hu Tu Tu, Hu Tu Tu

Chapter-11 The Valley of Flowers

Chapter-12 Changing Times

Chapter-13 A River’s Tale

Chapter-14 Basva’s Farm

Chapter-15 From Market to Home

Chapter-16 A busy Month

Chapter-17 Nandita in Mumbai

Chapter-18 Too Much Water, Too Little Water

Chapter-19 Abdul in the Garden

Chapter-20 Eating Together

Chapter-21 Food and Fun

Chapter-22 The World in my Home

Chapter-23 Pochampalli

Chapter-24 Home and Abroad

Chapter-25 Spicy Riddles

Chapter-26 Defence Officer Wahida

Chapter-27 Chuskit Goes to School

Download Complete Book of Class 4 EVS in English

Download PDF of EVS Book in Hindi For Class 4


अध्याय-1 चलों, चलें स्कूल!

अध्याय-2 कान-कान में

अध्याय-3 नंदू हाथी

अध्याय-4 अमृता की कहानी

अध्याय-5 अनीता की मधुमक्खियाँ

अध्याय-6 ओमना का सफ़र

अध्याय-7 खिड़की से

अध्याय-8 नानी के घर तक

अध्याय-9 बदलते परिवार

अध्याय-10 हु तू तू , हु तू तू

अध्याय-11 फुलवारी

अध्याय-12 कैसे-कैसे बदले घर

अध्याय-13 पहाड़ों से समुंदर तक

अध्याय-14 बसवा का खेत

अध्याय-15 मंडी से घर तक

अध्याय-16 चूँ-चूँ करती आई चिड़िया

अध्याय-17 नंदिता मुंबई में

अध्याय-18 पानी कहीं ज़्यादा, कहीं कम

अध्याय-19 जड़ों का जाल

अध्याय-20 मिलकर खाएँ

अध्याय-21 खाना-खिलाना

अध्याय-22 दुनिया मेरे घर में

अध्याय-23 पोचमपल्ली

अध्याय-24 दूर देश की बात

अध्याय-25 चटपटी पहेलियाँ!

अध्याय-26 फ़ौजी वहीदा

अध्याय-27 कोशिश हुई कामयाब

Download Complete Book of Class 4 EVS in Hindi

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