NCERT Books for Class-6 Science

NCERT Books for Class-6 Science

Knowledge Gallery brings you the NCERT Books for Class 6 Science, where students can find each and every topic in a detailed way. These books are recommended by CBSE and other state boards and designed according to their curriculum. In this book, the topics are explained in a very easy language along with examples and related diagrams.

NCERT Books for Class 6 Science are available in English and Hindi language in PDF format on our website for free download. Student can download book according to their medium from here.

Download PDF of Science Book in English For Class 6


Chapter-1 Food Where Does It Come From?

Chapter-2 Components of Food

Chapter-3 Fibre to Fabric

Chapter-4 Sorting Materials and Groups

Chapter-5 Separation of Substances

Chapter-6 Changes Around Us

Chapter-7 Getting to Know Plants

Chapter-8 Body Movement

Chapter-9 The Living Organisms and Their Surroundings

Chapter-10 Motion and Measurement of Distances

Chapter-11 Light, Shadows and Reflections

Chapter-12 Electricity and Circuits

Chapter-13 Fun with Magnets

Chapter-14 Water

Chapter-15 Air Around Us

Chapter-16 Garbage In, Garbage Out

Download Complete Book of Class 6 Science in English

Download PDF of Science Book in Hindi For Class 6


अध्याय-1 भोजन: यह कहाँ से आता है?

अध्याय-2 भोजन के घटक

अध्याय-3 तंतु से वस्त्र तक

अध्याय-4 वस्तुओं के समूह बनाना

अध्याय-5 पदार्थो का पृथक्करण

अध्याय-6 हमारे चारों ओर के परिवर्तन

अध्याय-7 पौधो को जानिए

अध्याय-8 शरीर में गति

अध्याय-9 सजीव एवं उनका परिवेश

अध्याय-10 गति एवं दूरियों का मापन

अध्याय-11 प्रकाश – छायाएँ एवं परावर्तन

अध्याय-12 विधुत तथा परिपथ

अध्याय-13 चुंबकों द्वारा मनोरंजन

अध्याय-14 जल

अध्याय-15 हमारे चारों ओर वायु

अध्याय-16 कचरा – संग्रहण एवं निपटान

Download Complete Book of Class 6 Science in Hindi

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