NCERT Books for Class 2 Mathematics

NCERT Books for Class 2 Mathematics | 2023-24

Mathematics is an important subject for students to understand the working of basic things in day-to-day life. NCERT Books Class 2 Mathematics, Math-Magic-2 consists of 15 chapters. This book covers topics like Numbers, Addition, Subtraction, Time, Shapes, Pattern, etc. At the end of each chapter, math problems are given for practice.

Knowledge Gallery has provided a chapter-wise and complete book PDF of NCERT Books Class 2 Mathematics in English and Hindi language below:

Download the PDF of Mathematics Book in English For Class 2


Chapter-1 What is Long, What is Round

Chapter-2 Counting in Groups

Chapter-3 How Much Can You Carry?

Chapter-4 Counting in Tens

Chapter-5 Patterns

Chapter-6 Footprints

Chapter-7 Jugs and Mugs

Chapter-8 Tens and Ones

Chapter-9 My Funday

Chapter-10 Add our Points

Chapter-11 Lines and Lines

Chapter-12 Give and Take

Chapter-13 The Longest Step

Chapter-14 Birds Come, Birds Go

Chapter-15 How Many Ponytails?

Download the Complete Book of Class 2 Mathematics in English

Download the PDF of Maths Book in Hindi For Class 2


अध्याय-1 क्या है लंबा, क्या है गोल?

अध्याय-2 गिनो मगर समूह में

अध्याय-3 तुम कितना वज़न उठा सकते हो?

अध्याय-4 दस-दस में गिनो

अध्याय-5 पैटर्न

अध्याय-6 पैरों के निशान

अध्याय-7 जग और मग

अध्याय-8 करो मज़े – दस के साथ

अध्याय-9 मज़ेदार दिन

अध्याय-10 अंक जोड़ो

अध्याय-11 रेखाएँ ही रेखाएँ

अध्याय-12 लेना और देना

अध्याय-13 सबसे लंबा कदम

अध्याय-14 आते पक्षी जाते पक्षी

अध्याय-15 कितनी चोटी हैं?

Download the Complete Book of Class 2 Mathematics in Hindi

To Download NCERT Books for Class-2, please click on the link given below.

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