MCQ’s on Water Resources for Class 10 Geography | Quiz 2

MCQ’s on Water Resources for Class 10 Geography | Quiz 2

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Class-10 Water Resources

MCQ's on Water Resources for Class 10 Geography | Quiz 2

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Agricultural fields which are used as rainfed storage structures are called ___________.

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Which of the following is the largest artificial lakes of ancient India built in the 11th century?

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In which of the following states did a multi-purpose project lead to riots by farmers over the priority given to water supply in urban areas?

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Tehri dam is situated in __________

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Why Jawaharlal Nehru proclaimed the dams as the temples of modern India?

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The dispute of Krishna-Godavari water sharing is related to _______.

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Which one of the following state has made rooftop rainwater harvesting structure compulsory for all the houses across the state?

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Most farmers have their own wells and tube wells in their farms for irrigation to increase their productivity, what adverse effect can this have?

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Tilaiya dam is situated on the river

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Which of the following problem arises due to water pollution?

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Which of the following river has not any multipurpose river project?

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Match the following
(1) Rana Pratap Sagar (a) Andhra Pradesh
(2) Salal Project (b) Jammu and Kashmir
(3) Nagarjuna Sagar (c) Orissa
(4) Hirakud (d) Rajastan

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How are most of the housing societies in the cities resourcing their water needs?

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Which of the following statement is incorrect with reference to multipurpose river projects?

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What is the contribution of hydroelectricity to the total generation of electricity?

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In recent years, mulipurpose projects and large dams have come under great scrutiny and opposition for a variety of reasons. Which of the following is true with above reference?
(i) Dams have an adverse impact on the aquatic life.
(ii) The reservoirs that are created submerge the existing vegetation.
(iii) The construction of dams lead to large scale displacement of local communities.
(iv) Irrigation has also changed the cropping pattern of many regions of India.

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Which of the following river projects provide hydroelectricity to the industries of Maharashtra?

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Roof water harvesting system is a compulsory structure in which state?

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According to Falkan Mark, water stress occurs when __________.

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In hill and mountainous regions, people built diversion channels like _________.

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On which river, Naraura dam is situated?

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How India's rivers has turned into toxic streams?

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Against the construction of which one of the following multipurpose projects was the Narmada Bachao Andolan launched?

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Which among the following multipurpose river valley project is constructed on River Mahanadi?

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Which of the following hydraulic structures was constructed by Iltutmish in the 14th century for supplying water to Siri Fort area?

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Water scarcity is a consequence of

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Hirakud Dam is situated on the river _________.

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In which state, Bamboo drip irrigation system is generally used?

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Jawaharlal Nehru proudly proclaimed the __________ as the 'Temples of modern India'.

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Which among the following is not a multi-purpose River-Valley Project of North India?

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