NCERT Books for Class-6 Social Science History

NCERT Books for Class 6 Social Science History | 2023-24

NCERT Books for Class 6 History gives us an overview of the way people lived, the food they ate, and the clothes they wore in ancient times. Through History, students will understand various developments in human society during different periods. Subject experts design Class 6 History according to CBSE Syllabus.

Students can download PDFs of NCERT Books for Class 6 Social Science History in English and Hindi language by clicking the links below.

Download the PDF of History Book in English For Class 6


Chapter-1 Introduction: What, Where, How and When?

Chapter-2 From Hunting – Gathering to Growing Food

Chapter-3 In the Earliest Cities

Chapter-4 What Books and Burials Tell Us

Chapter-5 Kingdoms, Kings and an Early Republic

Chapter-6 New Questions and Ideas

Chapter-7 From a Kingdon to an Empire

Chapter-8 Villages, Towns and Trade

Chapter-9 New Empires and Kingdoms

Chapter-10 Buildings, Paintings and Books

Download the Complete Book of Class 6 History in English

Download the PDF of History Book in Hindi For Class 6


अध्याय-1 प्रारम्भिक कथन: क्या, कब, कहाँ और कैसे?

अध्याय-2 आखेट: खाद्य संग्रह से उत्पादन तक

अध्याय-3 आरंभिक नगर

अध्याय-4 क्या बताती हैं हमें किताबें और कब्रें

अध्याय-5 राज्य, राजा और एक प्राचीन गणराज्य

अध्याय-6 नए प्रश्न नए विचार

अध्याय-7 राज्य से साम्राज्य

अध्याय-8 गाँव, शहर और व्यापार

अध्याय-9 नए साम्राज्य और राज्य

अध्याय-10 इमारतें, चित्र तथा किताबें

Download the Complete Book of Class 6 History in Hindi

To Download NCERT Books for Class-6, please click on the link given below.

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