MCQ’s on Outcomes of Democracy for Class 10 Political Science | Quiz 1

MCQ’s on Outcomes of Democracy for Class 10 Political Science | Quiz 1

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MCQ's on Outcomes of Democracy for Class 10 Political Science | Quiz 1

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Which of the following country is a perfect example of accommodation of social diversity?

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What was wthe economic growth rate in democratic regimes from 1950 to 2000?

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What do democracies ensure regarding decision making?

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In which one of the following country, dictatorship is preferred over democracy?

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On which practices and institutions can the accountability of government and involvement of people in the decision-making process in a democracy be measured?
(a) Regular, free and fair elections.
(b) Public debate on major policies and legislations.
(c) Citizens' right to information about government and its functioning.

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The most popular form of government in the contemporary world is _________.

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Democracy promotes equality through the following:
I. Universal adult franchise.
II. Equality before law and equal protection of law.
III. Reservation for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and women.
IV. Independent and i partial media.

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Which of the following has a higher rate of economic growth and development between 1950-2000?

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On which of the following Economic growth depends?

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Why are people in several poor countries now dependent on the rich countries?

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Why is a Democratic government is better than non-democratic one?

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Which among the following is an example of outcomes of a democracy that produces an accountable government?

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The basic outcome of democratic government is that it produces a government which is ___________.

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Decisions are taken by which type of government is likely to be more acceptable to the people and more effective?

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Which country tops in the inequality of income?

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Consider the following statements:
(a) Democracy stands much superior to any other form of government in promoting dignity and freedom of the individual.
(b) The passion for respect and freedom are the basis of democracy.
Choose the correct answer.

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Democracy does not ensure:
(i) Free and fair elections
(ii) Dignity of the individual
(iii) Majoritarianism
(iv) Equal treatment before law

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Consider the following statements:
(a) A democratic government is a better government because it is a more accountable form of government.
(b) Democracy improves the quality of decision making.
(c) Democracy provides a method to deal with the differences and conflicts.
(d) Democracy enhances the dignity of citizens.
Which are the factors involved in comprising Indian democracy?

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What is the main outcome of democracy?

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Which of the following country in South Asia never had a Democratic government?

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Studies on political and social inequalities in a democracy show that ________.

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Which of the following feature does not belong to the democratic government?

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In which country do people have the maximum belief that their vote makes a difference?

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What is the basic outcome of democracy?

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There a delay in decision-making and implementation in a democracy is because :

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Which of these statements do not hold true for non-democratic regimes?

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The democracy introduced in India in ________.

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In which of the following country, more than half of the population lives in poverty?

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Which of the following is not the way to resolve a conflict in a democracy?

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Where is properly preserved the dignity of woman?

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