MCQ’s on Outcomes of Democracy for Class 10 Political Science | Quiz 2

MCQ’s on Outcomes of Democracy for Class 10 Political Science | Quiz 2

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MCQ's on Outcomes of Democracy for Class 10 Political Science | Quiz 2

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In the context of democracies, what is successfully done by Democracies?

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Which regime usually develops a procedure to conduct social competition and reduce the possibility of social tension?

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Assertion (A): Democratically elected governments do not appear to be as keen to address the question of poverty as you would expect them to.
Reason (R): They believe that if the poor remain poor they will vote for them more.

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Which factor out of the following is missing from a non-democratic government?

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Which one of the following statement is correct?

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Which one of the following statements is correct regarding the distribution of economic benefits in democracies?

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Assertion (A) : Democracy produces less efficient government.
Reason (R) : Democracy is based on the idea of deliberation and negotiation.

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In the context of assessing democracy, which of the following is odd one out ?

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Why is the cost of time that democracy pays for arriving at a decision worthwhile?

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Consider the following statements and identify the incorrect response thereafter:
(a) Majority means in every decision and in every election, different persons form majority.
(b) Majority always needs to work with minority so that government functions to represent the general view.
(c) Majority and minority opinions are permanent.
(d) Rule by majority does not become rule by majority community in terms of religion, race or linguistic group.

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With reference to democratic system, which statement does not match?

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Which among the following are expected as the actual outcomes of democracy in various respects?

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Why is Democracy is a better form of government?

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Assertion (A): Democracy is just a form of government which create conditions for achieving something.
Reason (R): The citizens have to take advantage of those conditions and achieve those goals.

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Assertion (A): Democracies allow room to correct mistakes.
Reason (R): Democratic governments can be reelected.

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Democracy is considered to be better than other forms of government. Which of the following statements support this claim?
1. It is a more accountable form of government.
2. It improves the quality of decision making.
3. It ensures rapid economic development of the citizens.
4. It enhances the dignity of citizens.

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Which of the following statements is/are correct?

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Assertion (A): A democratic government will take more time to follow procedures before arriving at a decision.
Reason (R): A Democratic government is weak.

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Read the following statements & choose the appropriate answer:
(a) All people would be satisfied with the democracy in practice.
(b) They hold elections, they have parties and they guarantee rights of citizens.

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On which idea the Democracy is based?

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By which of the following the economic development of a nation is affected?

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Democratic governments do not have a __________ record when it comes to sharing information with the citizens.

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What is meant by harmonious social life?

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Which of the following regime is the best suited to accommodate social diversity?

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In Bangladesh, more than half of its population lives in _________.

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What are the basis of The passion for respect and freedom?

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What is a definite plus point of ability to handle social differences, divisions and conflicts?

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Which of the following gives best reason that democracy is better than any other alternative?
(i) Improves the quality of decision-making.
(ii) It corrects its own mistake.
(iii) It provides a method to solve conflicts.
(iv) Enhance the dignity of individuals.

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Assertion (A) : In an accountable government, people have the right to elect the leaders to form government and if possible they participate in decision-making process.
Reason (R) :Citizens have also an effective right to evaluate the decision making process.

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What is the one respect in which a democratic government is certainly better than its alternatives?

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